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Dental Trends for 2021 & Beyond

Dental Trends for 2021 & Beyond

Preparing for the Unexpected

Although 2020 has been a year full of unexpected challenges, overall, it has taught all businesses how to be resilient and prepare for unknown future changes. What you’ve learned in 2020 can help you effectively adapt future plans to ensure you have the knowledge and resources to tackle 2021 head-on.

COVID-19 has created a world of uncertainty and instability, especially within healthcare practices where close contact cannot be avoided. It’s important to remember that, above all, acting with sincere compassion for others can go a long way to earn trust and garner positive reactions from patients.

However, life goes on. Implementing new procedures and methods to ensure their practices are as safe as possible for dental practices is top of mind. All while keeping patients comfortable, ensuring information is available where necessary, and keeping track of patients to ensure they are booking in for their regular cleanings and annual exams.

So, what can be done to stay on top of the game?

Brace Yourself for Continued COVID-19 Fallout

Although there have been advancements in certain areas, it’s likely the continued effect of COVID-19 will be dealt with for some time to come. Infection rates and responses vary from state or state and province to province. Some areas experiencing spikes in case counts as they attempt to preserve their economy and return to an altered state of normalcy.

In such an unsure landscape, many individuals are avoiding leaving the house for anything, let alone dental work. According to Forbes, only 24% of adults in the US trust that companies are “putting their health and well-being first when making business decisions.” With this information, it’s safe to assume that many individuals are worried about their safety, even when they’re going to the dentist. 

Making patients feel safe is essential in today’s climate. This can be done online and in-office, but spreading the shared concern for patient care digitally can help put patients at ease that may have been on the fence about booking their annual check-up.

Put Patient Experience Above All Else

dark haired female receptionist wearing a blue mask handing a paper to a female patient wearing a grey mask

The global pandemic has created a new world to adapt to, and the way you communicate with patients is no exception. Appointment bookings, follow-ups, check-in procedures, and so many other aspects of the business have been affected, which means putting a bigger emphasis on patient experience. 

In preparation for 2021, it would be beneficial to evaluate all aspects of your dental practice, from top-of-funnel marketing to appointment follow-ups. How are you making it clear that patients can feel safe in your office? Be sure to adjust your procedures to ensure your patients feel appropriately cared for and confident in their care safety. 

This can include:

  • Flexibility with in-person and virtual appointments
  • New safety procedures and requirements
  • Online availability and scheduling
  • Enhanced COVID-19 messaging
  • Contactless payment options

Updating your scheduling software to include automated call scripts and other important features can be a stepping stone to success in today’s landscape. RecallMax is a comprehensive recall solution that helps dental practices navigate COVID-19, including missed appointments and practice announcements.

Communicate with Compassion & Empathy

Times have changed, and although proactive communication has always been important in the dental industry, it’s crucial now. Building trust and nurturing the relationship you have with your patients is imperative. Communicating with them using empathetic tones helps promote the idea that you’re putting “people over profit.” The opposite will cause patients to lose trust in your brand, which can be devastating. Edelman’s research indicates that 71% of people will lose trust in a brand if they believe they’re putting profit over people during a global pandemic.

Any communication you send out to your patients and potential patients should be compassionate, trustworthy, and useful. Showing your brand as one that is empathetic towards the daily struggles 2020 has given to us all will humanize your practice, on top of the fact that 78% of people believe that medical personnel are “credible spokespeople.”

You can also show your patients precisely what you’re doing to keep them safe. High-resolution photos and videos of new sanitization practices, virtual lobbies, and check-in processes can go a long way.

To Sum it Up

Overall, being prepared for anything will benefit everyone in 2021. It’s impossible to know what the future will bring, but doing what you can to show your patients you’re flexible and quick to adapt to changes can speak volumes. If you need a top-rated appointment recall software to help put your practice ahead of the pack, RecallMax can help. Book a free trial today to take a look at how RecallMax can provide the tools to navigate a world post-pandemic.