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Devin Relf Aug 12, 2022 1:50:35 PM 1 min read

Patient Engagement Gaps: Unlocking the Hidden Powers of Automation

It comes as no shock that the recent pandemic has caused practice shutdowns, restrictions, and mandatory adjustments to patient needs. As your patients warm up to the idea of returning to your practice, business may seem to be back to normal when in truth it's creating a false sense of normalcy. While your schedule can be booked months in advance, there’s a high possibility that you have patients waiting to be put back on the schedule.

Why say something so controversial, yet so brave? Well, RecallMax™ analyzed 2,500 dental practices over the last two years to measure the impact this pandemic had on their patient engagement. From the analysis, we uncovered unsettling increases in: 

  • Unscheduled Patients
  • Missed and Canceled Appointments
  • Due/Late Patients jumped

*You can see the numbers breakdown by downloading the eGuide*

While most of these increases are out of our control as a practice, getting patients back to the office is a different story. Automation can be, and is, a vital resource to any practice but when we rely too much on the convenience of automated messages, we shorten our reach to get patients back. 

In its simplest form, you just want to provide the best dental care for your patients, but you also want to see your practice grow. To capture as many missing patients as possible, it’s your responsibility to understand and avoid these three gaps: 

  1. Limitations with automated messages
  2. Not empowering your front office with automation
  3. If you can’t measure it - you can’t manage it

If you can use automation for patient outreach and process improvement, that's where real gains are found. 

 Knowing the power and limitations of automation is the key to improving workflow, driving revenue, and filling short notice cancellations quicker. Unfortunately, practice management (PM) systems do not offer efficient resources to tackle the solution.

To learn how you can fill in the gaps of patient engagement, drive revenue, and improve efficiency, all while reducing steps in workflow, download the free eGuide