How is your practice really performing?

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Most practices assume their recall rates are within the acceptable industry norms while ensuring patients receive the best care possible. Extensive research shows the average practice is leaving significant revenue on the table.

Is your practice among them? The Recall Health Check provides a frank, fact-based assessment of your recall performance – capturing invaluable data and insights that aren’t typically available through your practice management system’s analytic reports.

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Who is this for?

A complimentary Recall Health Check can be used to analyze the recall effectiveness of solo practices, group practices and DSOs. For solo practices alone, it is a $750 value.

Solo Practices

Group Practices


What will you learn?

By reviewing your actual patient records, we provide an accurate measure of your recall performance metrics, including:

  • Unscheduled patients in your system
  • Patients who are due/past due
  • Lost patients/continuing care issues
  • Same day missed and cancelled patients
  • Unrealized revenue opportunities

Doing a Recall Health Check and implementing recommendations, including RecallMax™ software, is shown to increase annual revenue by an average of 15% to 20%.

Why you need to know your recall performance.

Practices that maximize recall efficiency are able to maximize growth. Unfortunately, the average practice struggles with recall: because they lack the tools, processes and best practices necessary to stay on top of recall.

Did you know, in the average practice:

50% of patients are unscheduled

30% of patients are due or late

15% of patients miss or cancel

How does it work?

A Recall Health Check is performed remotely. Select information from your current scheduling system is securely exported to RecallMax™. We will generate a report, which will be sent to you and reviewed within 2-3 business days.

Based on your results, we will demonstrate how RecallMax™ can improve your recall performance and help increase your revenue stream.

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