Our Success Comes From Our People

RecallMax™ was designed by a team of people who care about making your practice grow. For us, our work isn’t just a job; it’s a passion project.

Leadership & Evolution

Built by Dental Professionals for Dental Professionals

RecallMax™ understands you, and we have the resumes to prove it. In total, our team has well over a century worth of experience working in the dental industry. We know the pain points, we know where patients fall through the cracks, and we know how to help.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to empower the dental industry to grow and thrive through leading recall management technology.

Our History

We’ve always been about helping dental practices succeed. The roots of RecallMax reach all the way back to the late 80s when we worked in dental practices as practice management consultants. For over 25 years, we’ve helped dental clinics grow by introducing proven methods for recall success.


We noticed that a lot of the practices we encountered had similar issues and that many of those issues could be eliminated through the right recall strategy. And so, in 2009, we began building software that could implement the same proven systems our clients were implementing manually.



Finally, in 2011, we were ready for beta testing. We enlisted our consulting clients as beta testers, asking them to tell us what they liked, what they didn’t like, and what was still missing. Together with our trusted clients, we took what was a good software platform, and made it great.



In 2012, RecallMax hit the market, making an immediate impact on the North American dental industry. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of practices grow, and we’ve had the distinct pleasure of growing with them.



Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

Only been doing recall with RecallMaxTM.

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

RecallMaxTM keeps everything organized, the custom reminder intervals, book the whole family, and reminder/confirmation emails are being responded too.

“Our practice used to book only 2 weeks out now we’re booked 3 months out.”

Lori Carey, Redcliff Family Dental Centre

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Everything was old school. Old recall scans and old ‘love notes’. Everything had to be manual. It was time consuming and a mess. We had an old system that mass messaged but it wasn’t as good as RecallMaxTM.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

“The new text chat feature is great. Our patients love being able to text chat with us.”

“I love the fact I can send a mass message to all patients who want a specific appointment.”

RecallMaxTM saves time with confirmations.”

“When patients are late instead of emails or phone calls, which patients ignore, we text chat them a reminder that there is a late charge. Patients tend to respond to those messages.”

Shari Quintero, Dentistry in Motion

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“We used Dentrix for recall previously. With Dentrix you can’t load a list and track patients. Their patients’ lists are always outdated. You couldn’t rely on the lists.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

Short notice feature organizes much better. It’s nice to be able to mass contact patients. You can see where you’re at with overdue/late patients with RecallMaxTM.

RecallMaxTM came along and I was like ‘this is a relief’.”

Laurie Witham, Dr. Kovacik + Dr. Sheremata Dental Centre

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

Had PowerPractice then switched to Eaglesoft. Got RecallMaxTM the same time as PowerPractice. After 3 years of Eaglesoft went back to PowerPractice but kept RecallMaxTM.

“Eaglesoft had no tracking, no short notice feature, and patients who were overdue got lost.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

Set up is great. Reactivated some patients who were 18-24 months overdue.

“The short notice feature is a favorite. We can drill down patients to specific openings so it’s easier to fill the schedule.”

“The coaching scripts is easier to understand and we use the scripts when we call patients to get them rebooked. We’ve been quite successful at booking patients with the coaching scripts.”

Wendy Turner, Saanich Dental Group

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

Worked at a former practice that had RecallMaxTM. Liked RecallMaxTM so much she wanted it in her new practice.

“We had issues with having current information on patient lists. With Tracker if a patient is late they are just late. Tracker doesn’t tell you how late patients are. You can’t prioritize patients.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

RecallMaxTM differentiates how late/overdue patients are. Patients prefer text chat. RecallMax TM is very convenient for keeping track of appointments.

Nav Rangi, Downtown Dental

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Our practice never kept track of missing (canceled or no show) appointments before. Which ended up being a large chunk of business.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

RecallMaxTM keeps track of missing appointments. So she can bring patients back. The practice stopped using Dentrix and used RecallMaxTM for late/overdue patients. With the ASAP feature patients don’t need an appointment to get a call back. With Dentrix patients must have an appointment booked in order to put them on the ASAP list.

“The text chat feature is a great way to see if patients want another appointment.”

“Since RecallMaxTM we are now booked 3 months in advance. These bookings are during non-peak hours.”

Darla Stewart, Courtyard Dental

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“We struggled with following up with patients. There wasn’t an easy or quick way to contact them.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

Organization, follow up makes getting tasks done easier, confirmations – go online instead of calling, lists are great for organization.

“I like a lot of the features.”

“It’s nice to get the surveys and see how the patients rate our practice.”

Dental One

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Our patients wouldn’t want to return phone calls. It was hard to get a hold of them for any purpose.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

Patients respond to email and text.

Anissa Niksic, Nosehill Dental Centre

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“We couldn’t get people to commit to their future appointments.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

Notes are great. Love confirmations and the red check mark makes it easy to know to when there’s a new response. Love the envelope feature – you can see the message status who ignores or reads the practices communication.

Sue Cumby, Creditview Dental

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

Has only used RecallMaxTM

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

The new text chat is good for getting ahold of patients. Reminder emails are helpful for rebooking. The patients like the emails because they don’t have to call during business hours.

Corla Mckibbin, K+H Mayfair Dental Centre

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Patients never want to come in and don’t want to commit to future plans. It’s hard to book appointments further out.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

Same issues but less. RecallMaxTM helps divide the work load between the staff. RecallMaxTM lets the staff know who they have contact and by who so patients don’t get contacted several times. Patients give good feedback on auto-email and text.

Hannah Lefebvre, Ambrosi Place Dental Care

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Communicating with parents was a challenge. No one listens to voice mails. No one picks up their phone.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

Text chat has been really great for reaching parents. She loves sending a big blast for last minute openings.

Charlie Pace, Young Dentistry for Children

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Patients are too busy to find a day and time that works for them to re-book. People have limited hours so it’s difficult to get them booked.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

I love it. Quicker easier way to confirm instead of calling. You can confirm and contact patients at any time. Only been using the software since late February but loves it.

Lyvonne Schick, Courtyard Dental

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

Has only used RecallMaxTM.

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

“I like looking at the lists and seeing where patients are at.”

“The confirmation push means there’s no cross-checking saving time.”

Jane Rubin, Dentistry on Greenlane

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Dentrix was a huge problem. Had useless lists, not good support and recall was super manual.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

The list sorting abilities is great. RecallMaxTM is easy to navigate and more intuitive than Dentrix. RecallMaxTM is a stress reliever compared to using Dentrix.

Carolyn Giannini, Weaver Reckner and Reinhart

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Not having RecallMaxTM is like losing a limb. It’s our jobs to keep the schedule full but we couldn’t. Having to juggle so many tasks at once we lost patients in the shuffle.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

You can filter patients. Patients love the online confirmation but they are still educating patients to hit the confirm button. Love the short notice feature.

“We are able to book a lot of same-day appointments with RecallMaxTM.”

“We’ve never had our schedule this full before.”

Deborah Clark, Saanich Dental Group

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Our recall was paper based. Since we had a manual system with no structure it was hard to keep track of everything.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

RecallMaxTM is a lot easier to use. Texts/emails are preferred by patients and they respond to those.

“With RecallMaxTM I know patients are being messaged so I only need to follow-up.”

“Patients appreciate being reminded.”

Aimee Filioiilagan, Dental Image Therapy – Sout

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Tried DemandForce before DF we were using old school methods like post cards and calling patients. It was really time consuming.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

“Emails and text messages are fantastic and the text chat is a big plus.”

Shiloh Bousquet, King Street Dental Centre

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“The unscheduled appointment lists in Dentrix are unmanageable. Dentrix lists are also outdated.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

RecallMaxTM lists are easier to use and schedule patients. The lists are easier chunks to digest.”

“Our new staff members found it easy to adopt.”

“I like RecallMaxTM more than DemandForce.”

RecallMaxTM confirmation system helps with less cancellations.”

Pat Yerex, Village Lane Dental

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

Has only worked with RecallMaxTM. Has not been taught how to use the system properly. We are arranging a quick training session for him and his co-worker.

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

The list organization is good. They can see when patients should be back. They are starting to look into using text chat. Use mostly for auto-messaging, confirmations, and missed appointments.

Keaton Shin

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“It was time consuming going through lists and call patients.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

Stopped using RecallMaxTM to try Dentrix. Didn’t like Dentrix so they came back to RecallMaxTM. Practice has 30 hygiene patients a day.

“It’s nice not having to worry about talking to everyone. Seeing messaging status is great.”

Brenda Gabriel, Dr. John Ter Haar

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Our patients are in a downtown business area and they are hard to get a hold of.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

Emails work best with our patients.

“With RecallMaxTM there is more frequent contact with patients which increases chances of booking.”

“Seeing every member of the family and contacting them is perfect.”

Tonni Ollenberger, Dr. Margot Black and Associate

Struggles before RecallMaxTM:

“Patients don’t want to book. Before RecallMaxTM we sheets of paper to work recall. It was an outdated system.”

How has RecallMaxTM improved recall:

3 girls all work together and spilt the load. Allows for getting through the lists faster and easier. The 3 girls working together works out really well. They have a lot of success with that.

RecallMaxTM electronic lists are always current. You can always work on recall when you have a spare minute.”

RecallMaxTM saves us a lot of time and works quite efficiently.”

Gwen Filatoff, Nish Dental Clinic

What Makes Us Different

No other recall software in the marketplace today is built on decades of experience in the dental industry. RecalMax™ is tailored to the specific needs and opportunities of a dental practice. And while lots of software offers automated patient communication, RecallMax™ goes beyond that to help with the core issues that impact recall success.