Maximize Recall. Maximize Growth.

Even great practices have the potential to do better. Single location, group and DSO practices using RecallMax™ are seeing impressive results. And you will too.

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Your Practice is Capable of More

Get ready to run with the giants.

80% of patient revenue comes from existing patients. But how often are you seeing them?

With a well-rounded recall strategy, you can keep your schedule full, increase your revenue, and grow your practice without bringing in a single new patient. The kind of growth you want to see is absolutely attainable; you just need to engage your existing patients.

Through a simple health check, we can show you exactly how much of your practice’s potential is currently untapped due to inefficient recall performance.

Why You Need to Know Your Recall Performance

Whether you’re a solo practice, group practice or DSO…

If you assume your recall performance is “good enough,” you’ll never know what kind of opportunities are available to you. A simple analysis provides you with clear and concrete indicators, outlining where your practice has room to grow. Once you see the numbers, you’ll know with certainty whether your recall system could use improvement.

A typical practice has the following starting percentages when we offer a Health Check:

50% unscheduled
35% due or late
15% miss or cancel

What You’ll Learn From a Health Check

Get all of the details on your recall performance, right down to the nitty-gritty. We’ll be able to give you the precise results you’re getting from your current recall system, including:

  • How many of your patients are truly active?
  • How many of your active patients are due or late for their hygiene and recall needs?
  • How much revenue do those due or late patients represent?
health check

Here’s How it Works

A Recall Health Check is performed remotely. Select information from your current scheduling system is securely exported to RecallMax™. We will generate a report, which will be sent to you and reviewed within 2-3 business days.

Based on your results, we will demonstrate how RecallMax™ can improve your recall performance and help increase your revenue stream.


2-3 Days

Request Your Free Recall Health Check

It’s Painless, We Promise.

The whole process is simple. With your permission, we tap into your server, evaluate the data, and within 48 hours, we get back to you with a full report detailing the current state of your recall system. That’s it.

Request your health check now! We can’t wait to show you how much opportunity is sitting in your charts.


Increase Your Revenue Without Finding New Patients

You already have the patients you need to grow your practice. You just need to implement the right strategies and systems. RecallMax™ uses a proven and proprietary recall strategy to get your existing patients active and engaged. By improving patient experience and allowing your team to work more productively, you can keep your schedule full, your patients healthy, and your practice thriving.