Goodbye, Tedious Tasks. Hello Automation!

There’s a good chance the word “recall” sends chills down your spine, and we don’t blame you. Most dental practices rely on their front end staff to implement an inefficient, tedious, and time-consuming recall system on top of all of their other responsibilities. But with RecallMax, recall runs smoothly and effectively, making the process stress-free.

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Tools to Make Your Job Easier

RecallMax™ is intuitive, simple to use, and comes with free training. By automating all of your most tedious and time-consuming tasks, we’ve made it easy for you to engage with patients. The software is fully integrated with your scheduling system, so everything runs seamlessly, and everyone is on the same page.

Even stressful last minute changes and cancellations are easier to handle. You’ll be able to keep the appointment book full, which makes everyone happy, from your patients to your dentists.

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Hello Automation, Goodbye Stress!

RecallMax has you covered. We’ll let patients know of upcoming appointments, when they’re due or late for their hygiene needs, wish them a happy birthday and keep them informed of all your practice news – all automatically. We also have close to a decade of experience in the auto messaging space, so we’ve figured out how to maximize patient response.

For Practices of Every Size & Complexity

The needs of a one-dentist practice are very different from the needs of a DSO. We’ve developed different plans to suit the individual needs of your practice, no matter how big your patient base, how many doctors onsite, or how many locations you have.

Nothing is too big, too small, too complicated, or too simple for RecallMax™.

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MINT Dentistry

A healthy recall patient base is critical to any dental services group/DSO regardless of size. Keeping patients you acquire is critical for efficient business growth and long term success. The RecallMax platform is a nearly instant upgrade for proactive patient communication and engagement, prioritizing and facilitating recall patient communication. RecallMax provides immediate return right out of the gate, and will continue to provide value indefinitely.

RecallMax is a must for any dental group: Immediate Return on Investment, Rapid Deployment, Increased Patient Engagement.

Wade Hanchar, CIO MINT dentistry

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