Fully Integrated With Your EHR.

RecallMax™ is not only HIPAA compliant, PIPEDA compliant, and EHR Certified, we have fully integrated API partnerships with all major practice management software.

Recall Shouldn’t Be a Four-Letter Word

From office managers to practice owners, RecallMax™ benefits everyone in your practice. We automate and centralize all of your tedious and time-consuming recall tasks, saving you time and frustration. And because tasks are sharable, you can make recall a team effort without any overlap. Suddenly, recall is a lot easier, efficient, palatable, and effective.


Automated Patient Communication Software & Then Some

Appointment reminders and automated messaging are useful tools, and RecallMax™ has those covered. But we do a lot more, too.

RecallMax™ is like a personal assistant for your entire team. It keeps your chairs full, your workloads manageable, your office productive, and your patients happy. We’ll help you stay on top of treatment plans, collections, filling short-notice cancellations, and plenty of other tasks that tend to get overlooked. Your practice becomes highly efficient, and your revenue continues to grow.


Join the Herd

An elephant never forgets, and neither does a successful dental practice. At least, not when it comes to recall. Every year, more and more dental practices and DSOs navigate through the jungle of recall with RecallMax™. Stop getting bogged-down with time-consuming tasks and start reaching all of your hard earned patients. RecallMax means you’ll never forget a patient again.

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RecallMax™ Key Features

No Contracts. Unlimited Upgrades. Unlimited Support.

Stop clicking around: effectively utilize software that works.

Your new staff all-star, Max, knows exactly how to keep practice workflow prioritized.

Forget the tedious list-scanning and ensure none of your patients fall through the cracks.

Customize scheduled patient recall reminders, ensuring the best method of communication is used at the perfect moment. (And in their preferred language.)

The status of an appointment is automatically changed the moment your patient confirms.

Keep tabs and set prompts for important patient feedback.

Custom templates make sharing practice news a breeze.

Rest easy knowing that key staff have been alerted whenever collections are due.

Fill last-minute cancellations with the click of a mouse: qualifying patients are automatically targeted.

Check up on the health of your practice anywhere, at any time, with convenient cloud-based monitoring.

Collect contact information and even book the next appointment with automated reminders.

Forget improvisation – our custom call coaching ensures that your staff are courteous, confident, and effective every time.

Give your patients control with the choice to opt-in (or out) of their preferred communication method.

Enhance patient relationships by sending timely well-wishes.

Custom surveys ensure that you’re truly hearing what your patients have to say.

Set and forget display reminders for any recommended treatment plans that haven’t yet been booked.

Allow new patients to easily book-in at any time directly through RecallMax.

Your practice and your new patient will appreciate it.

Fully automated patient forms can be added to your appointment confirmation and new patient welcome emails and texts.

Ever hear the expression “Work Smart not Hard?” Our in-house consultants have customized every feature in RecallMax to maximize your recovery efforts.

Make it easy for patients to book a time to come in.

Proven to Brighten Smiles


Consistently full schedules & healthier patients.

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Office Managers

Improve recall efficiency & staff productivity.

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Office Administrators

Spend less time on monotonous and repetitive tasks.

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Group Practices & DSOs

Centralize recall across multiple locations for maximum results.

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Most practices assume their recall rates are within the industry average. But are your patients getting the best possible care? Our research shows that the average practice is leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost of revenue on the table. Are you one of them?

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RecallMax™ was created by management consultants with over two decades of experience providing business strategies and productivity solutions to dental practices. See what makes RecallMax™ the industry’s most powerful recall software platform.

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