Successful dental practices never forget.

Over 80% of practice revenues stem from patient recall: no new patients required. So why are nearly half of all patients typically behind (or forgotten) in recall? It comes down to not having the right tools and a comprehensive recall strategy.

Join the herd

Thousands of dental practices and DSO’s are harnessing the power of RecallMax™ to tame the jungle of recall by automating time consuming tasks and activating hard-earned patients. With RecallMax™ - you’ll never forget a patient again!


Maximize recall. Maximize growth.

Even great practices have the potential to do better. Single location, group and DSO practices using RecallMax™ are seeing impressive results. And you will too.

Increase practice
revenues by 15-20%

Improve patient
engagement by 90%

Reduce due and late
patients by 33%

Most recall solutions stop at automated patient communication. We think it’s a great place to start.

Reminders and automated messaging are useful tools. But with RecallMax™, you get so much more.

RecallMax™ goes far beyond reminders and auto messaging. It’s a personal assistant for your office team that fills chairs, reduces workloads, boosts productivity, grows practice revenue and maximizes patient care.

Is “recall” a four-letter
word to your practice?

RecallMax™ makes recall painless for office teams and is a joy to use. It automates frustrating, time-consuming recall tasks and keeps all staff organized in real time, making it virtually impossible to lose patients. Tasks are centralized and shareable throughout the practice making it possible to harness a team effort on recall with no overlap and in the most efficient way possible.

RecallMax™ also helps with treatment plans, collections, filling short notice cancellations and other important tasks that can easily fall by the wayside. And, by reminding you to reappoint patients before they leave, you’re making the job easier for your future self!

Four Big Benefits to Your Practice

  • Maximized Revenue: Integrating RecallMax™ into your existing scheduling platform will improve recall results and increase practice revenue.
  • Jumbo Productivity: RecallMax™ automatically generates, simplifies, and organizes recall schedules for the team. This easy-to-use system provides a more accurate, more efficient recall solution – saving time, decreasing stress, and reducing workload.
  • Impactful Insights: Whether you’re a single location, group practice, or DSO, RecallMax™ provides complete visibility of key metrics in one easy view. Set and monitor performance goals for greater accountability and results with our industry leading recall analytics suite.
  • Big-Time Support: RecallMax™ is not just a recall software platform, we’re a partner that supports the implementation of proven recall strategies and best-practices to help you grow your practice.

Key features

  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Unlimited Upgrades
  • Unlimited Support
  • On screen, fully integrated
  • KPI driven dashboards
  • Organizes and simplifies key tasks including:
    - Insurance claims
    - Treatment plan tracking
    - Recall
  • Dismissal assist
  • Built-in call scripts
  • Custom recall reminders
  • Appointment reminders
    (email + text)
  • Collection reminders
  • Cancellation recovery
  • Auto recall Lists
  • Latest patient-preferred communications
    - Live text chat
    - Integrated email
    - Auto text + auto email
  • Reputation management
  • Patient announcements
  • Birthday messaging
  • 100% patient capture
  • Patient surveys

Proven to brighten smiles!


  • Healthier patients
  • Consistently fuller schedules
  • Increased practice revenues
  • Greater patient retention
  • Happier, more productive staff
  • Higher Practice Valuation

Office Managers

  • Improves recall efficiency and staff productivity
  • Increased teamwork and consistent results
  • Easily distribute workloads and monitor performance
  • Easy to learn / minimal training
  • Complete visibility of patient engagement and key metrics
  • World-class digital marketing suite – Patient Surveys; Announcements; Google Reviews; and more

Front Desk Staff

  • Simple / easy to use
  • Fully integrated into scheduling software
  • Eliminates all time consuming tasks
  • Reduces openings and cancellations
  • Keeps schedules filled – less time / less effort
  • Industry-leading auto messaging suite – Text Chat; Appointment Confirmations; Reminders; and more.

Group Practices and DSO’s

  • Centralize recall across multiple locations for maximum results
  • Easily identify missed hygiene and restorative revenue opportunities
  • Set and measure performance goals for greater consistency across locations
  • Complete visibility of key metrics – sort practices by performance in one easy view
  • Pinpoint challenges and opportunities for growth with advanced analytics
  • Best practices for monitoring recall and coaching results across multiple locations

Thousands of North American practices. Millions of patients. One comprehensive solution.


For practices of all sizes
and complexity.

RecallMax™ Pro – Solo / Multi-dentist practices
RecallMax™ Enterprise – Group practices and DSOs

Solo dentist to DSO, whether you work on the front desk, lead a team or need to know the numbers that drive success across a network of practices, RecallMax™ has everything practices need.

RecallMax™ Enterprise centralizes recall and takes things one step further for groups and DSO’s who need a finger on the pulse of each practice’s performance. The RecallMax™ Enterprise dashboard provides at-a-glance reporting of key metrics for all locations: even if offices are using different scheduling systems.

Jumbo returns with no contracts.
RecallMax™ gives you greater control and jumbo sized returns compared to other recall systems. Plus, you’re not tied to long-term contracts. Now that’s worth trumpeting about!

RecallMax™ plays well with others.

RecallMax™ is 100% compatible with most practice management systems. And, we are HIPAA and PIPEDA complaint which keeps your patient information safe and sound.

Big time

Need help? Step right up. We provide free online in-person training at the time of purchase and unlimited ongoing customer support at no cost. We have in-software instructions and videos, an online learning center, live support text chat, advanced learning webinars, and the ability to make support requests right from RecallMax™.

The best dental practices follow best practices in recall. Join them.

RecallMax™ was created by management consultants with over two decades of experience providing business strategies and productivity solutions to dental practices. See what makes RecallMax™ the industry’s most powerful recall software platform.