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Productivity enhancement software that modernizes the patient journey.

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Optimize your patient journey and practice growth strategy across multiple locations.


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Jeff Barsotti20-Mar-244 min read

RecallMax: A company deeply rooted in the dental industry

RecallMax® stands out as a revolutionary all-in-one patient retention software, developed to address the intricate challenges faced by dental practices. With a mission to streamline productivity and efficiency, RecallMax® has become a staple for practice growth, consistently boosting revenues by 15-20% annually. At the heart of its innovation is the dedication to saving valuable time at the front desk by transforming time-consuming mundane tasks into quick and easy processes.

Crafted by dental consultants with over 30 years of industry expertise, RecallMax® is not just software; it's a solution honed through decades of understanding the complicated needs of dental practices. The distinctive edge lies in the team itself, we recruit directly from the dental field, and have over 250 years of combined dental knowledge.

RecallMax: A software that stands out

What truly sets RecallMax® apart from other patient communication software is its commitment to a personalized and patient-centric approach. Unlike generic platforms, RecallMax® is a product developed based on extensive dental experience. This understanding of the dental industry is reflected in RecallMax’s® suite of essential automated tools, from appointment reminders and online booking to two-way text messaging. These tools not only streamline workloads but also alleviate the burdens on dental administrators.

However, what truly separates RecallMax® is its emphasis on personal engagement, recognizing that automation has limits. Backed by the analysis of 88 million patient responses annually, RecallMax® understands that patients are 8 times more likely to book and attend appointments when personally engaged. RecallMax® goes beyond automated functionalities, encouraging dental practices to let automation handle routine tasks while allowing RecallMax® to empower administrative teams in personalized patient interactions. This strategic approach not only optimizes personal engagement in patient communication but also ensures that schedules remain consistently full, contributing to the delivery of the very best patient care. RecallMax® isn't just software; it's a personalized, data-driven solution.

RecallMax benefits the entire practice


The #1 software for Dental Office Managers

In the complex environment of a dental practice, office managers often find themselves juggling numerous responsibilities, wearing multiple hats, and at times, feeling overworked. The challenging task of managing both the administrative team and meeting the needs of the dentist/owner can lead to an immense amount of stress. However, RecallMax® is a complete solution, equipping office managers with the tools needed to navigate these complexities. Beyond creating consistent and productive workflows, RecallMax® introduces dashboards that allow office managers to monitor practice and staff performance. This feature enables managers to coach their teams in areas that need improvement, acknowledge and reward excellence, and provide valuable insights to the dentist/owner. In essence, RecallMax® empowers office managers to not only streamline operations but also foster a positive and growth-oriented work environment within the dental practice.

Get more from your dental administrators 

RecallMax®, functioning as an onscreen toolbar, operates as a personal assistant for dental administrative teams. This innovative tool efficiently streamlines tasks, prioritizing them from the highest to the lowest to maximize scheduling opportunities. Our onscreen toolbar securely integrates with your scheduling software, ensuring your team will only need to use one program, increasing their productivity. With RecallMax®, dental admin teams can leverage patient outreach lists to methodically manage their daily tasks, allowing them to work through priorities and witness completed tasks vanish from their to-do lists. This data is then tracked on the dashboard allowing office managers to observe individual productivity and make actionable changes to benefit the practice.

With RecallMax® you will make significant time savings within your admin department. Allowing your team to get more done with less effort. The result of this is that you get to focus on the things that matter most – your patients. When it comes to maintaining your schedule, the same savings are transformative. RecallMax® streamlines the process, making booking an entire family as easy as three clicks, filling short-term cancellations in under 5 minutes and capturing unscheduled treatments in one list. The user-friendly interface of RecallMax® facilitates smooth transitions between staff members, which is valuable during times of challenging staff retention. Ask yourself? If your admin team left today, could you pick up where they left off? RecallMax® makes this possible. RecallMax® employs a proven formula for patient outreach, maximizing the effectiveness of every phone call, email, text, and communication.

Actionable insights for dentists and owners

The RecallMax® dashboards have been created and designed to give detailed and digestible insights into your practice performance. This empowers Office Managers to provide a comprehensive and presentable collection of insights that highlight the achievements of their practice and opportunities for growth. The metrics that are tracked are crucial for understanding practice dynamics, allowing for informed decision-making. These metrics include due or late patients, unscheduled treatments, and missed or cancelled appointments.

Offering a wide range of insights, our platform effortlessly fosters enhanced collaboration between Office Managers and Dentists/Owners, enabling them to synchronize their practice goals. Moreover, RecallMax® boasts an impressive return on investment. Beyond optimizing efficiency, maintaining full schedules, and offering growth-oriented insights, the software pays for itself with just two scheduled appointments. Plus, as a no-contract service, we're confident in the software's excellence, earning your business each month.

Transform your practice

With the help of our tools, your practice can discover untapped opportunities. RecallMax® offers a complimentary Chart.AI that scans your Practice Management Software, uncovering potential revenue streams that may have gone unnoticed. On average, we see up to $750k sitting in dental charts and have recovered up to $337 million in revenue for our practices. You can find out what’s hidden in your charts by booking an audit here. 

Our Chart.AI is safe and secure, as demonstrated by our HIPAA and PIPEA certifications. Try it out today – you have nothing to lose! 9 out of 10 practices go on to use RecallMax® when they see their potential.


Jeff Barsotti

Jeff has been working in the dental industry for 13 years and during that time has developed an expertise and passion for dental practice enhancement by focusing on levering software as a growth driver. He is focused on empowering people to engage and sharing proven methods of practice success. Dental practice growth is complex, opportunity is abundant. My commitment to the dental industry is to provide automation and practice enhancement-focused support. The ease that comes with today's amazing technology is married with principles that stand the test of time.